Thursday, April 26, 2012

ani 24 w.o.w: provocative

we had to do two versions. I think the second is much better!

ani 24 w.o.w: home

Jeff Jackson gave us words of the week at the beginning of the semester. This week's word was "home."

ani 12 metropolis, specimen, and other things

Clapp's class. Taught me everything I know about perspective!



other things:

ani 24 reversal (and other assignments)

This is my ani 24 reversal (and other assignments). I guess the title was self explanatory. Now I'm just rambling. This is awkward.

ani 24 sketchbook pages

Just some of my favorite pages from my ani 24 sketchbook!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ani 14 gouache studies

A collection of my least shitty gouache studies from Ani 14. I can't paint.

why hello there

Hi everyone! All the cool kids have blogs, so I figured I'd start chronicling all my work here so I can come back in a few years and laugh at it.
I'm currently in my second semester of Animation/Illustration at SJSU.
Feel free to follow me, ask me questions, give me money, etc.

-- Maaike